Modified Sinusoidal Direct Drive for hydraulic presses

PMSD allows modifying operational speed and direction without regulating valves. Any movement requires fewer components than in conventional system, and equipment thereby operates in accordance with higher reliability standards.

Press movements are smoothly adjustable and do not require large filling valves allowing to improve performance, reducing repair and maintenance costs, increasing capacity, and to the huge energy saving foremost.

Measurements performed at different plants, where valve-controlled pump drive was replaced by sinusoidal drive, confirm that sinusoidal drive consumes 30% less energy per 1 ton of produced steel. In some cases, energy costs may be reduced by 69%.

Advantages of Modified Sinusoidal Direct Drive

1. Non-impact drive Prevents impacts in the pipeline, valves, and press
2. Fewer components operating during stroke Desensitizes the device
3. Mechanics and electricians are not required A large number of multiple-seated valves may be adjusted and synchronized
4. High availability
5. Maintenance is less required
6. Spare parts are less required
7. Gradually adjustable sensitive press movement There is no load upon pumps anymore. All pumps operate between 0 and 100%
8. Saving of energy and all kinds of costs Low energy consumption


Hot forging on 55MN press
Hot forging on 55MN press
>55MN Press
55MN Press